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A Helpful Guide To Web Search Engines
Tips on using internet search sites like
Google, alltheweb, and Yahoo.

The Spider’s Apprentice, Spidap, is not another search engine. Our purpose is to help you understand and use
search engines. How do they work? Why do certain results come up frequently
and others not at all? Which search engines are most useful and efficient? How
can you improve your searches and find what you want more easily? If you are a web
page designer, how can you utilize search engines to draw more traffic to your website?

That’s what we’re all about — helping you use the Web more efficiently. In fact, we’ve been providing this information as a
public service since the early days of web search engines in 1996. We explain to you
how search engines work. We advise
you on improving your own search engine ranking by careful use of meta tags and keywords. We guide
you in figuring out which search engines are most effective–in fact, we rate them for
you. (See below).

We are currently expanding this site to provide in depth information
about finding certain types of information on the web. Are you looking for a job?
Researching a topic for a school paper or project? Do you need health or diet
information? Do you want to buy a car, a computer, a book, an engagement ring, a
cell phone, or even a new home? Locate an old friend from high
school or college
? Plan and book vacation or business travel? Find
and join an online community?

Most of us who use the web regularly have done some or all of these
things. We will give you some simple tips on how to do them more easily. So
please explore our pages and the new ones we are adding. And come back soon to visit
us again!

What Spidap Offers:

Current Search Ratings

  • Best Search Engine For Kids: Ask Jeeves For Kids

  • Best Directory: Google
    Runners-up: Yahoo, dmoz.com
    (Open Directory Project)

Contact Us

The Spider’s Apprentice was conceived and
written by Linda Barlow, who maintains
this site for Monash Information Services.

To discuss permission to re-use any of
our material, or to translate into other languages, or for information about
expert witness services or other consulting, contact Linda Barlow. Copyright, 1996-2007
Monash Information
. All rights


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